Amorata Bestsellers

365 Sex Positions by Lisa Sweet

365 Sex Positions

With over 250,000 copies sold world wide, 365 Sex Positions is one of the best-selling sex instructional books ever published. Find out more about this beautiful, full-color, intimate manual.

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Lesbian Sex Positions by Shanna Katz

Lesbian Sex Positions

Take a look at Lesbian Sex Positions, the ultimate, full-color guide to amazingly passionate and intensely pleasurable sex positions exclusively designed for women.

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The Little Bit Naughty Book of Wild Sex Positions

The Little Bit Naughty Book of Wild Sex Positions

Experience a whole new world of sexual positions in one of the classic books for couples in this, small, hardcover, full-color Little Bit Naughty collection.

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Female Ejaculation by Somraj Pokras

Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation teaches readers to awaken their secret orgasmic trigger, the G-spot. With step-by-step instruction for both men and women, this book shows how to give and receive incredibly powerful G-spot orgasms that take you to the ultimate point of pleasure—female ejaculation.

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Fun & Sexy Gifts for Couples

Sex Position Coloring Book by Amorata Press

Sex Position Coloring Book

Hilarious, playful, relaxing and, well, just a little bit enticing, Sex Position Coloring Book is the perfect gift to help you two unwind, play together and get in the mood.

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Sex Position Magnets by Amorata Press

Sex Position Magnets

Endless fun awaits with this fun and sexy DIY sex position kit. Whether you’re looking for a fun Valentine’s Day gift or bachelor’s or bachelorette’s party present, Sex Position Magnets is it.

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About Amorata Press

Amorata Press is an imprint of Bookpack Inc. Amorata was founded in the early 2000s with the goal of helping improve relationships by reigniting passion and improving intimacy through illustrated, creative handbooks, guides and games for couples written by experts in the field of sexuality. Amorata’s list ranges from fun activities for couples, like The Sex Position Coloring Book, to self-help guides for more fulfilling sex lives, like Pleasure Map, and exploratory handbooks like the national bestselling 365 Sex Positions (with over 250,000 copies in print). Amorata’s authors include well-known experts and authors in sexuality like Shanna Katz, Lisa Sweet and Pokras Somraj.

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